Can you use a spectrum radio to control a QAV250 with a Naze32 Flight Controller?

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I have a Spectrum radio and I would like to know if it is possible to use this radio with the QAV250 with the Naze32 Flight controller.


It is possible to use a spectrum radio with the Naze32. You have to either use a breakout cable, or get a Lemon Receiver capable of PPM that works with your radio’s technology. So if you have a DSMX radio, you need a Lemon DSMX PPM receiver. If your radio is only DSM2, then you need a Lemon DSM2 receiver.


The breakout cable for the naze32 is available here that you can use to hook up to a standard receiver.


To use this, configure the Naze32 without feature ppm and then run to your Rx.

For standard (non-PPM) receivers,2 connect all three wires (ground, 5V, and signal) from Channel 1 from your receiver onto the top left three pins (ground on the left, 5V, then signal on right). Channels 2-8 only need the signal wires from the receiver.



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